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Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
"Improving safety, efficiency and traffic flows in and around work zones"

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® is tested, accepted and Federal-aid eligible for speed appropriate use on the National Highway System (NHS). It was originally conceived following a tragic incident in which two Colorado maintenance workers were killed by a wrong-way driver in June 2004. It underwent 4 years of development and refinement working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) before being first deployed in Colorado in June 2008. After further in service testing and evaluation, it was formally introduced in San Jose the following year where it received the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s (ATSSA’s) Innovation of the Year Award for 2009. It has since gone on to receive increasing accolades for improving safety, efficiency and traffic flows in and around work zones, including additional national and international awards from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), the International Road Federation (IRF) and others. With life cycle costs of $15,000/yr the MBT-1® can pay for itself with nominal usage, and in less than 2 years with 10-15 lane closures per month.

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® provides 42-102’ (12-31 m) of highly mobile positive barrier protection with minimal deflection. The MBT-1® essentially functions as an integrated barrier, utility vehicle, and flatbed trailer all in one. It can be used with any standard semi-tractor with 60” (1.5 m) of swing clearance and pulls fully set up at speed from site to site. It can be easily reconfigured to the right or left depending on the end to which the tractor is attached (see Reconfiguration video), and can be ordered with integral power, lights, signage, TMA and other features. It has lockable and on-deck storage at both ends.

For crews, the barrier protects against work zone incursions (front, back and side), reduces the number of vehicles and equipment otherwise needed on site (reducing clutter and congestion in the work zone), and improves lighting and ambient conditions (reducing fatigue and improving the general ability to focus on the work at hand). Each of these areas has been shown in applicable research to be significant contributors to fatalities and injuries within work zones.

For passing traffic, the barrier can help improve safety while reducing the number and duration of lane closures. There's no better way to reduce work zone accidents and improve conditions for everyone than to safely complete the work as quickly as possible and reopen the roadway to normal traffic flow.

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® has been presented and highlighted at numerous national and international conferences and meetings, as well as in various articles and television news stories (NBC-Denver 2008, CW-DFW 2009, NBC-DFW 2010) See “Highlights” and “Recent News” on the Home page. For additional pictures and information, see the Pics & Info page.

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Construction, Rehabilitation, Preservation & Preventative Maintenance • Incident Management • Transportation Enhancement Activities • Bridge Inspections • Road, Bridge & Tunnel Programs • Utility & ITS Work • HSIP Work Zone Barrier • Crack Sealing • Pot Hole Patching • Slab Replacement • Deck Repair • Guardrail & Bridgerail Repair • End Treatment & Gore Point Repair • Culvert and Drainage Repair and Cleaning • Median Work • Center Lane Work • Lane Marking • Ramp, Lane & Road Closures • Mobile Operations • Temporary Traffic Control and Re-Routing • Security Protection • Spot Inspection Stations • Rolling Perimeters • Protected Areas for Critical Infrastructure and Personnel

Special military, security & defense options.

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® Specs